life framework

The LIFE Framework is the latest in a series of national suicide prevention initiatives that began in the early 1990s. It provides national strategy for action based on the best available evidence to guide activities aimed at reducing the rate at which people take their own lives.

The materials aim to support population health approaches and activities that will assist in reducing the loss of life through suicide in Australia.

The LIFE Framework is based on the understanding that:

  • suicide prevention activites will do no harm
  • that there will be community ownership and responsibility for action to prevent suicide
  • that service delivery will be client-centred.

The LIFE Framework is written for academics, researchers, policy makers, health or community services professionals, service providers and community organisations.

In short the LIFE Framework aims to:

  • improve understanding of suicide
  • raise awareness of appropriate ways of responding to people considering taking their own life
  • raise awareness of the role people can play in reducing loss of life to suicide.

The LIFE Framework also provides a summary of current understandings in suicide such as risk and protective factors, vulnerability and risk, tipping points and warning signs.

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